The ocean, in its plentitude of images, is a source of inspiration in my work. The ocean has always been bewitching in its celestial and breathtaking beauty, in its infinite colors and hues of blue-green-black, in its silvery waters and flowing foam, in the great might and hypnotizing quiet it contains. One can get lost in the waters of the ocean, in the primordial landscape that wraps and contains us, as a metaphor for the ultimate womb – contains, protects and wraps, tremulous and still.

My parents met at the sea, while swimming over the tide-breaker. My mother had green eyes and my father blue-grey eyes. My eye color is a complete merger of their colors – a grayish green.

The underwater world is a mysterious one of ceaseless vitality and motion, of water-dwelling creatures and flora. It is a marvelous place of color and occurrence, where sea shells, conches, fish and lobsters are enlarged and empowered, as in a photograph taken at close range.